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Our founder Kevin Lyons was introduced to cars at age four by his Mom and Dad through toys and art. By adolescence, he began modifying GM muscle cars which led to designing and building welded tube-chassis supercars from complete scratch which became a bit more challenging than restoring or customizing pre-existing cars. The images below document some of his solo engineering feats, and build accomplishments that led to the beginning of Lyons Motors. In his replica building days from the year 2000, he went by the nickname "Kevkev6.0" on the Kitcentral build forums. Pay close attention to the lack of transaxles in his Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 SE replica build. It is still the most innovative mid-engine 6-speed manual drivetrain ever made, this geometry is now a patent pending for the Streaminer hypercars. He never saw the inside of the box.

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