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Lyons Motors is a boutique automobile developer/manufacturer of exclusive and unique hand-built carbon fiber luxury cars and carbon fiber structural systems. Our tech-driven hyperconnected  Streamliner Super Sport and plug-in electric Streamliner ELM are represented as the first true hypercars from a US builder with superior, materials tech, and horsepower. We have solid preparations for becoming the world's high water mark in carbon fiber hand-constructed manufactured vehicles. We see things differently and we glorify out of the box thinking, and it's ok for us to be the round peg in the square hole. 


Named Streamliner for the pure simplicity of its design, layout, and simplification of

its innovative and proprietary technologies. We've coined the term "technologically

convenient", this new user preprogrammed / autonomous "human-machine interfacing"

with every system in your car from your mobile device is an industry disruptor. Our

patented system is called "Proximity ESP®".

Our venture is a genuine celebration of the art of the automobile in all of its forms. We strive for mechanical perfection, and flawless execution, with each and every part serving as its own unique artistic presentation. Additionally, the name "Streamliner" honors the original Streamliners of the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah USA. The name Streamliner also pays homage to the Streamline Art period of the 1940s through the 1960s popularized by my design mentor, industrial designer Ray Lowey.  

Lyons Motor Car is the first hypercar developer/manufacturer to entirely eliminate the antiquated chassis’ wiring harness, resulting in a 99% reduction of the typical 16 miles of chassis wiring intertwined through every car.


Our Proximity ESP uses digital transmission of electrical signals, through a single data power cable, with no relays fuse boxes, or breakers whatsoever. The system gives you complete programming power to interface with the multitude of systems in your car from your mobile device, you'll create any sequence of events from a distance your imagination is the only limit. This is just one of our key touchpoints. Streamliner has 18 US patent items each one an industry first.




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"We've never seen the inside of the box"

                       Thank you for your attention

~Kevin W. Lyons

                               Founder, CEO

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