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Kevin Lyons testing his Lamborghini replica chassis 200

Kevin Lyons testing his Lamborghini Diablo 6.0se replica chassis 2007

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Our Story

LYONS MOTOR CAR  •  Thanksgiving Day 2022

" I'm an Artist designer, and founder of Lyons Motor Car Inc, a boutique hypercar developer/manufacturer in New York. For the last 8 years, my engineering team and I have logged hundreds of thousands of hours in an attempt to make history by creating a hypercar surpassing the exclusivity, craftsmanship, and performance of any new car available worldwide today. We have thousands of fans and the brand is well-known around the globe.


In 2002 I attended the New York Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center and the Manhattan Motor Cars exhibit caught my attention, specifically the Lamborghini booth with a gold Diablo rotating on the turntable, but was told by the well-dressed attendant to look but don't touch then he muttered: "don't touch what you can't afford". That day that insult changed my life because I set out to build that exact car in the exact color from scratch in my father's backyard. I did not know how all I knew was that Diablo was hand-made and I have 2 hands, a design background, and my Father. 4 years later I accomplished the impossible exactly to the millimeter replica 2001 Diablo as it sat at the show years earlier, and it was not a kit car.


During the summer of 2007 after winning a car show with all of the accolades an old acquaintance who never offered a compliment said "Hey Kevin how are you where is it, where's your fake Lamborghini? I felt as insulted as I did when the attendant at the Javits Center said don't touch what you can't afford. My brother tried to console me with a comment that changed my life once again, "Kevin well he's right it's not a real Lamborghini don't you think it's time you designed your own car, you're a graphic designer right?".


Lyons Motos Inc. was born on St Nicholas Ave in Harlem New York on November 4th, 2014 from pure automotive audacity and a desire to prove to the naysayers and shamers that a man such as I can build a company as successful as Horacio Pagani, Christian Von Koenigsegg, or Mate Rimac. In December 2021 the Lyons Motor team was invited to the Petersen Automotive Museum hypercar gala and celebration currently a model of our Streamliner Super Sport is on exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA until April 2023.


We will create an after-school STEM scholarship program that is now being coordinated with Ms. Sylvia Miranda Vice-chancellor, and special assistant in NYC. I've always said "When I sell a seven-figure car to those of abundance, I can't rise to the top and slam the door on the 99% coming up right behind us, a hypercar like our Streamliners' or our completely out of the box Runabout EV will raise the hopes dreams and opportunities of a whole communities and maybe people from every walk of life. The passion and spark that ignites me around this project is something I want to share with millions, every day."


The Lyons family is a car family with a long and intimate history with the automobile. Duke Lyons Sr (grandfather) was a horseless carriage and farm implement repairman through the 1910s and 1920s. He introduced his son, Duke Lyons, (pictured left) to radio TV and later automobile repair, which led him to work as a union Longshoreman, Automobile, and Truck Mechanic Steel Fabricator throughout the late 1980s.


He, in turn, taught his son Kevin the intricacies of cars over a lifetime of learning. Duke Lyons was considered by many to be a mechanical genius and had a turn-a-wrench-for-a-living mentality; he believed the American dream was only equal to how hard you could work. One of his many life slogans, "if you want it go out and work for it" and "If you think you're less talented, outwork the next man. These words, among many, taught his sons how to conquer adversity and failure and are now part of the Lyons Motor Car mission and philosophy. Duke was a man who started life in the segregated south and died a millionaire with only a 6-grade education. His steadfast beliefs and never-quit nature many years ago enabled his son Kevin Lyons to start a career in Graphic Design, leading to the start of Lyons Motor Car. Well known as a hyper-performance ultra-premium hypercar developer/manufacturer of the carbon fiber Streamliner series automobiles. They've created a premier automobile with innovative technology apart from the standard picks of the current selection of popular luxury sports car brands.

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