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Kevin Lyons testing his Lamborghini replica chassis 200

Kevin Lyons testing his Lamborghini Diablo 6.0se replica chassis 2007

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Our Story


The Lyons family is a car family, with a long and intimate history with the automobile. Duke Lyons Sr (grandfather) was a horseless carriage and farm implement repairman, through the 1910’s and 20’s. He introduced his son Duke Lyons Jr, to radio TV, and later automobile repair which lead him to work as a union Longshoreman, Automobile, and Truck Mechanic and Steel Fabricator throughout the late 1980’s.



He in turn taught his son Kevin Lyons the intricacies of cars over a lifetime of learning. Duke Lyons Jr. was considered by many to be a mechanical genius, and had a turn a wrench for a living mentality, he believed the American dream was only equal to how hard you could work. One of his many life slogans, “if you want it go out and work for it” and “if you think your’e less talented out work the next man. These words among many taught his sons how to conquer adversity and failure and is now part of the Lyons Motor Car mission and philosophy.

Duke was a man who started life in the segregated south and died a millionaire, all with with only a 6 grade education. His steadfast beliefs and never quit nature many years ago, enabled his son Kevin Lyons to start Lyons Motor Car. Well known as a hyper performance ultra premium sports car developer / manufacturer of the carbon fiber, Streamliner hyper car. They’ve created a premier automobile with innovative technology, that stands apart from the common picks of the current selection of popular luxury sports car brands.